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Japanese name: Mai Honda. Pronouns: she/her.
Born in London to British and Japanese parents. After studying ballet for 8 years she became mostly involved in theatre, and worked as an actor, producer and silhouette artist while living in England. After coming into contact with Butoh while doing a masters degree, she moved to Japan in 2016 to study with Yoshito Ohno at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio. She currently works for Dance Archive Network and the Koganecho Area Management Center, and continues her Butoh practice with Mitsuyo Uesugi.

本田 舞

(英名:Taz Burns)英国と日本のハーフ、ロンドン生まれ。8年間バレエを続けてから主に演劇に興味を持ち、英国では女優・制作者・シルエットアーティストとして活動した。大学院で舞踏と出会い、2016年に大野一雄研究所で大野慶人と舞踏を学びに日本へ入国。現実はダンスアーカイブ構想黄金町エリアマネージメントセンターで仕事をしながら、舞踏家の上杉満代と稽古を続けている。



Email: taz.burns@live.com

Phone: UK: +44 (0)77548 90369 // JP: +81 (0)70 4490 3095