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—translated by Taz

Butoh Choreo Lab (2020~)


A series of videos with prolific Butoh artists, sharing their knowledge and experience, including a video with Taz's Butoh mentor Mitsuyo Uesugi. New videos uploaded regularly. Organised by Dai Matsuoka.

Re-Butoooh (2020~)


Originally organised in lieu of the postponed Tokyo Real Underground festival, Re-Butoooh is dedicated to sharing the background and diverse ways in which Butoh was inspired and continues to inspire in a series of 30 minute video magazines run by Dance Archive Network. The videos include clips from the Kazuo Ohno archives, new works, interviews and more. New episodes uploaded semi-regularly.

Something Called Butoh (2020)

A book compiling three years of research into the whereabouts, lifestyles and opinions of current Butoh dancers all over the world. Available on Japanese Amazon, and can be shipped worldwide: Buy on Amazon

Something Called Butoh

Something Called Butoh - Interview Series

A series of interviews conducted by Butoh dancer and editor of Something Called Butoh, Dai Matsuoka, with some of the Japanese Butoh dancers now living abroad who wrote some sections of the book.

Guest #1: Atsushi Takenouchi (Tuscany, Italy)

Guest #2: Yumi Umiumare (Melborne, Australia)