Taz Burns

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The Heart in the Head x Jean Sadao, 2018

Performed as part of: Fukafukadom
Venue: Sound Studio DOM Koenji
Date: 24 November 2018

Installation: Jean Sadao
Motion graphics & sound: Teppei Ueno
Performance: Taz Burns

Filmed by: Phil Brown
Edited by: Jean Sadao

Walking Nippori x Hitoshi Yamaka, 2016

Walking Nippori is a Butoh photoshoot project put together by Hitoshi Yamaka in 2016.

In collaboration with Butoh performers Keiun Kim and Shingo Matsuoka, this project was organised by photographer Hitoshi Yamaka in the streets of the Nippori district of Tokyo.

Ginga no kaze, 2016-2017

Ginga no kaze was a performing group of Butoh dancers, Japanese poetry reciters and musicians put together by Junji Umetsu. They performed a run of performances of "Ginga no Kaze" in multiple venues in Tokyo and Hakone in 2016-2017.

Listening x Jan Valik & Keiun Kim, 2016

Listening was a performance organised by Jan Valik, a Slovakia-based artist who was visiting Japan at the time. Inspired by his exhibition, this Butoh-installation was performed at the BankART Studio in Yokohama, Japan along with Jan Valik and Keiun Kim.

Photographs by Akiko Ueda and Vedrana Ikalovic.

Putnam and Joy x RUNTcollective, 2014

Putnam and Joy was a collaborative piece put together by RUNTcolletive, and was performed at the Bierkeller Theatre (Bristol) in April-May 2014.

Written by Jonathan Firbank and directed by Taz Burns, Putnam and Joy is an exploration into the lives and deaths of puppets. Performed in four scenes and on four stages (in a reverse-round), the play followed the four horsemen of Pestilence, Famine, War and finally Death. Inspired by characters from Punch and Judy, this was the result of Taz's research into the differenes between puppet and human actors during her BA dissertation, and Jonathan's macabre interpretations of her ideas.

For more information go to: www.facebook.com/runtcollective