Taz Burns

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with Keiun Kim


Taz met Keiun at the Yoshito Ohno Dance Studio in 2016, and they have since been involved in multiple Butoh performances together.

Keiun Kim is a Butoh dancer born in China with Korean heritage, who has spent the majority of his adult life in Japan. Taz and Keiun's combined heritages and world experience span across Europe, the Americas and Asia. They create performances that explore what it means to be human, and advocate the promotion of peace across the world.

To date, Taz and Keiun have collaborated on 3 duets: Play, Umonba and Umonba 2. They have also performed together on Walking Nippori, Ginga no kaze and Listening among others.

Photographs by Hideko Iwakuni. Video taken by Hideko Iwakuni and edited by Taz.

Full performance of Play:

with Izumi Suzuki

Taz met Izumi during their performances together as part of Ginga no kaze, and have performed together on a number of projects since, and collaborated on their first duo performance of Samuel Beckett's 'Not I' in August 2017.

Izumi Suzuki is a blind Japanese and German poetry reciter who has performed internationally, and has a keen interest in both ancient Japanese and modern European culture. Taz and Izumi together create performances that transcend barriers of both race and time.

Walking Nippori

Walking Nippori is a Butoh photoshoot project put together by Hitoshi Yamaka in 2016.

In collaboration with Butoh performers Keiun Kim and Shingo Matsuoka, this project was organised by photographer Hitoshi Yamaka in the streets of the Nippori district of Tokyo.

Ginga no kaze

Ginga no kaze is a performing group of Butoh dancers, Japanese poetry reciters and musicians put together by Junji Umetsu. They performed their first run of performances "Ginga no Kaze" in multiple venues in Tokyo in 2016, and have continued collaboration in various forms at least once a year since. Taz has been involved in 2 of their performances so far: Ginga no kaze and Amaterasu, due to be performed in 2018.


Listening was a performance organised by Ján Valík, a Slovakia-based artist who was visiting Japan at the time. Inspired by his exhibition, this Butoh-installation was performed at the BankART Studio in Yokohama, Japan along with Jan Valik and Keiun Kim.

Photographs by Akiko Ueda and Vedrana Ikalovic.