Taz Burns

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Karada・殻ダ, 2018

Venue: Artspace .kiten
Date: 11 May 2018, 20:00-21:00
Performance: Taz Burns
Sound: Keiun Kim
Music: Anli Ohno

会場:Artspace .kiten
日時:2018年05月11日 20:00-21:00
出演:本田 舞

Is it possible to see beyond our flesh and bones? Hair, limbs, breast, skin? Through this shell in which we are encased we listen, speak, hurt, connect, love, die, and are reborn. This is an exploration of the (female) body, as something beyond the daily images we thrust upon it. To see into each cell is to see the entire universe.
肉と骨を越え、見ることはできるか? 髪、手足、胸、皮膚? 囲まれたこの殻を通して、私たちは聞き、話し、傷つけ、つなぎ、愛し、死んで、生まれ変わる。 この公演は、(女性の)身体の探究であり、日々押し付けられてるイメージを超えようとする実験です。 細胞を見ることは、宇宙全体を見ること。

Present Sea, 2017

Performed at: Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, 8:30am.
Performance and concept: Taz Burns
Camera and editing: Hitoshi Yamaka
Sub camera: Keiun Kim

出演・コンセプト:本田 舞

Playing with Fire・炎の予感, 2016

Venue: Artspace .kiten
Date: 10 December 2016, 19:00-20:00
Performance: Taz Burns
Set design: Mayuko Wata
Photographs: Kyoko Yoshioka & Kowa Ikeuchi

会場:Artspace .kiten
日時:2016年12月10日 19:00-20:00
出演:本田 舞

Red Shoes, 2015

Performed at Castle Park and St Nicholas’ Market in Bristol as part of IPA Bristol, 2015.

Red Shoes is a site responsive piece influenced by the history of Bristol as a slave trading port, and it’s main hub, “The Exchange” which has today become part of the very popular St Nicholas’ Market. Performed over two days in two spaces, the piece explores the silent exploitations of consumerism, oppression and vulnerability.

Photographs by Jürgen Fritz and Andrea Greenwood.

Fragments, 2015

Fragments is an exploration into history and memory. Looking at my own Japanese family heritage as a starting point, Fragments seeks to explore what it means to be a part of another culture on the other side of the world. this project explores questions about the importance of understanding our pasts when it is impossible to reach an objective truth.

Initially developed as Taz’s final performance for her MA International Performance Research, Fragments was created in combination with a 10,000 word written dissertation. For more information on the written component, please get in contact with Taz.

Full video available to watch here.

Performed at Klub Ciglana in Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
Photographs by Irina Khakimova & Sunčica Milosavljević
Video edited by Taz